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Day 5 – Opportunity Knocks – “Writing my Memoirs” or something Else!

Day 5 – Opportunity Knocks – “Writing my Memoirs” or something Else!

Opportunity Knocks – Writing my Memoirs or previous skills?

Opportunities to promote yourself and your business can arise at any moment. If anyone tells me they are about to start “writing my memoirs” is a blatant chance. In that case, I know there is an opportunity for us to work together. If you can see that opportunity, grab it with both hands and don’t let go. 

It may sound strange, but you could miss an opportunity if you don’t recognise it right away.  Alternatively, if you don’t know about the possibility of the chance, then you will miss it.  For example, I was at a networking meeting a few weeks ago when one delegate asked if anybody would like to become a trustee of a charity he ran.  In the past, I have been a town councillor and deputy mayor and volunteered in my local community.  I’m a firm believer that everybody should give something back to the community.  I raised my hand and expressed an interest in more information.

As it transpires, I knew the person who set the charity up. I’d worked with him at a previous company.  The charity helps people learn to swim, prevents drowning, and raises money for awareness.  The first meeting was on 4 August, for all potential trustees to understand more about the charity.  I stated that I’m still interested and am looking forward to finding out more about the organisation. 

Back to my old job – Writing Minutes, not Writing my Memoirs

Five Five minutes into the meeting, the chair asked if I would mind taking the meeting minutes.  I hadn’t been elected as a trustee yet, but I said yes as I knew the chair, and he knew my previous skills.  I then introduce myself to the other trustees from all over the world.  During my introduction, I explained what I did by helping people write memoirs and getting their stories into print. I expressed my passion for writing memoirs and listening to family history.  In the meeting, there was someone from the British Space Agency and Canadian Charity Worker.  If I hadn’t said yes to being interested in being a trustee, there is no way that I would have had the opportunity to meet these people.

I’m now looking forward to spending more time getting to know my fellow trustees. Finding out more about them and their business and hoping that they will promote me and my passion for publishing memoirs.  Opportunity seems to knock in the strangest of places and at the strangest of times!  We just need to make sure that our eyes are open, and our ears are listening. Then we can grab those opportunities with both hands.  You never know what may happen or who you will meet.

The Charity – SwimTayka

SwimTayka, is a charity that promote water safety, swimming skills and clean water stewardship to children in developing nations.

What I learnt from this

  1. Opportunities are out there. You need to recognise them when they arise and when they do grab it with both hands.
  2. Any skills you had from a previous job will always come in useful.
  3. Past contacts and work colleagues are a great referral and opportunity generator. 

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