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Day 7 – Is your business a destination business?

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A Destination Business?

Is your business a destination business?  Or is it a I need business and don’t care who you are as long as you can sort out my issue?  Alternatively it could be a luxury business that would be used occasionally by those with money to spare?  It’s a tricky question to answer. My business is a need now business, but I want it to be a destination business.

I went to IKEA today, and this must be one of the most successful destination businesses there are. When you go to IKEA, it’s more of an experience. Indeed, some of my friends tell me how they enjoy going to IKEA to have the ‘IKEA experience’.

The IKEA Experience

The Ikea experience involves arriving at IKEA at about 10.30 or 11 am, going directly to the café and having meatballs, chips, and a coffee and then walking around the shop for a few hours getting ideas and discussing the rooms created by IKEA.  After shopping, they return to the restaurant for something to eat on the way out.  They plan to spend at least five hours just walking around and looking for bargains. Indeed, IKEA is a destination business.

(The perfect business waiting area from IKEA)

Destination Business with writing my memoirs
Destination Business with writing my memoirs
IKEA – Bedroom
Destination Business with writing my memoirs
Bedroom – IKea

Destination Business with writing my memoirs
IKEA – Dressing Room

Destination businesses can also be online, for example, Amazon, eBay, and YouTube.  These websites understand their customer’s needs.  They offer the services quickly, efficiently and without complications.  We know they will deliver, and we trust that the information from these sites will be accurate, informative, and valuable.  

What makes a destination business?

Make sure you understand your customers’ needs (or how you will solve the ‘pain’ they are currently in) and what it is they are after.  Leverage your products in a way that your customers understand what it is your offering.  How can you make your products or services vital to your customers? For example, if I say I am a solicitor and leave it at that.  Will my customer know what services I offer?  We know different solicitors provide different services—for example, Contract law v Criminal Law.  If I said, I am a contract solicitor. You understand with certainty which part of the law they work. 

Add an Upsell

Add an upsell – something your customers didn’t think they wanted until you showed them how important or valuable it would be for them.  Going back to IKEA, if you popped in for a few candles, how likely are you to browse the store and pick up a few other odds and ends.  I could never go into IKEA without spending at least £60.  Did I need the items before I went into IKEA? No?  Did I know the things existed before I went into IKEA? Not only did I not know they existed, but I didn’t know I wanted them. 

My website is  In the title, it states that I publish stories.  Within that heading, there are sections for writing memoirs, publishing fiction and poems.  My blog is all about writing my memoirs and letting people know that writing memoirs are easy once you understand your topic.  Therefore, I clearly state that I can transcribe manuscripts ready for publishing. 

How to upsell on a website?

Upselling has been standard on a website for many years. It starts with you giving your email address for a free eBook or something else just as enjoyable.  Then at check out, you see other items that may be of interest.  You will even a notice of how many people have bought that item today.  Confirming that your decision was wise and other people agree with you.

My upsell is letting my authors know I can arrange for their books to be published.  I can also create a simple website for them and help them start their marketing plan if needed.

Getting customers to trust you and your services

Getting customers to trust and respect you is not as easy as it sounds.  You must provide flawless service.  Have superb customer services and aftercare.  The product has to be outstanding, and you need to be as passionate about your customer as they are.  The customer needs to feel that they are the only person you are looking after.  To be blunt, you want them to come back time after time and tell everyone about your reasonable service.  Testimonials, customer feedback, and surveys are so important.

What I learnt about writing my memoirs

  1. Customers will support and spend money on a destination business
  2. Understanding your customer’s needs and easing ‘their pain’ has to be the target for any entrepreneur
  3. A thriving destination business is the responsibility of the owner and customer.  Customers will vote with their feet or credit card.

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