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Day 15 – My Hour of Power

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My Hour of Power

My Hour of Power has become an essential part of the daily preparation for my business development.  On a Sunday, it has become a unique ritual, referred to as ‘Prep for Monday’.  It is a ritual that I have created and worked on for the last few years.  It started when I had four additional staff members, and I needed to know what work to allocate each member.  Like all people, each member of my staff had unique skills, and I wanted to ensure that they worked to their full potential. 

NB – I got the term Hour of Power from Tony Robins and one of his programmes on life achievements

What is my Hour of Power or Prep for Monday?

My prep for Monday is straightforward.  On a Sunday, at about 4 pm, I will check all my incoming emails to view any new tasks. I will also look at my company to-do list and ensuring that all company requirements are achieved.  Then all client requests are scheduled promptly and within the deadlines set by my clients.  This is very different from my to-do list, the jobs I must do daily.  It is easier to think of my company as one of my clients. 

I will then check our task management system to confirm that all the tasks for the previous week had been completed. New tasks are allocated. The process only takes about an hour but has become a Sunday ritual.

What results from Prep for Monday?

This one hour prep on a Sunday has saved two or three hours on a Monday. I understand the business needs for the week ahead and a priority of tasks for the week ahead. it also means that our task management system is up to date and accurate.

Task Management System

Hour of Power with writing my memoirs

We use a task management system called Asana. It is an online software package that offers a paid version and a free version.  I currently use the free version and find it invaluable.  Asana helps me remember all tasks clients need us to complete and the status of each task.  It also offers team collaboration on projects, so as a manager, I can view the status of a task without wasting time chasing.  It means that I must ‘let go’ of the control I have over tasks and trust my team to do the job asked of them. Like all systems, it is only as good as the data entered and valuable if everyone uses it the same way.  I run my business in Asana.

Sunday Emails

I will rarely send out emails on a Sunday during my Prep for Monday hour, my hour of power.  Emails will be schedule to be sent on Monday.  Communication is the key to keeping my clients happy and informed.

What I learnt about writing my memoirs

  1. My hour of power on a Sunday will save me hours on a Monday
  2. I need to trust my staff to do the tasks I have asked of them
  3. Any project management/ task organisation software package is only as good as the data entered

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