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The Introduction to Julie’s Blog

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Writing My Memoirs in this blog is a very personal blog for me, Julie Farmer.  It is here for two reasons:

Why am I writing my memoris in a blog

  1. To show that everyone has a story to tell, has mishaps, amusing anecdotes, and information.
  2. Writing your memoirs does not have to start at birth. It can be from a certain point in your life, expressing a hobby, thoughts, feelings.  It is about the message you want to portray.

I currently have a column in a local magazine where I write book and podcast reviews. The tone and language are very formal, business and professional.  This blog is not formal. It is about me, a business owner, a female entrepreneur and from the heart.

During the day, I am a Publisher, of people’s memoirs, poems, and stories.  I also provide support for individuals and small businesses who need someone who can do things.  This blog, in some cases, will be me venting, will be me passing on some learnings that I have received and hints and tips for me to remember.  On the whole, this blog will be about me.  A record of my business from now until retirement.

The Plan

The plan for today was to come into the office and write a personal blog post for Forget Me Not.  I had allocated one hour for this task from 9 am to 10 am.  The plan also included creating a sub-domain and branding the blog page.  Then I planned to ‘get on with my day’.  Well, that was the plan!

  • On the way to work, I had a phone call to say that the internet was down in the office and needed to be sorted right away.  Not a problem, I said, I am 5 minutes away, and we can then get the internet fixed.  Upon arrival, I was greeted with anger and frustration for the staff involved, as only IT can make you.  For some unknown reason, a misbehaving computer will always make people angry.  That anger will be taken out at the only person people think can fix it.  That is me.
  • Before I had turned on my computer, I had another client on the phone wanting me to create a new email account from the domain name I had purchased for him on Friday.  He also wanted an email account set up and added to his computer. A unique signature with the company registered address and company reference number.  The only problem he doesn’t know the address or any detail of the new company.  A search of Companies House will garner the information required, and this needs to be added as a matter of urgency.  He arrived 10 minutes later, computer in hand.  Explaining it will take time, as I had other imperative tasks to complete.  He left his laptop, stating he will return in 48 hours.
  • Finally, I opened my computer.  I had another client wanting two documents rebranded, ready to be sent to their clients. But, again, this needs to be done by 10.00.
  • I also need to buy some paint from somewhere for a client and arrange a contract for gardening.  I live in the middle of the country.

The date in context of world events while Writing My Memoirs

Today was also the launch of the new news channel GB News.  I wanted to see how this news channel treated the news and watch their unbiased interpretation.  What a palaver that turned out to be.  I thought the best way to get the channel would be to download the Sky app.  No luck. The sky app only shows Sky News. 

I decided that I would locate their website.  No luck.  In the end, I had to log into YouTube and searched for #GBNews.  A Telegraph report was suggested.  Clicking on that video was an introduction to the new channel, with no mention of the website.  They did, however, show a Facebook icon.  I open Facebook and found their Facebook page, they had put their website address there.  For your information, it is if you are interested.  I plan to have the channel on in the background while I am working.  This will make a change from LBC.

My dog, who always comes to work with me, demanded that she go out to the loo.  As every dog owner will know, the hurriff and bops are relentless until they get their own way.  Taking her out, she pulled on her lead, which resulted in me spilling my coffee all over my new dress.  And to add insult to injury, I have no more milk until lunchtime when I venture out to Tesco, so no coffee for me!

The WordPress website currently won’t load any images or accept any posts.  It is now 9.37 am, and I am voting to restart the day.

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