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Day 17 – Forgetting my Challenge

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Forgetting my Challenge

Forgetting my challenge seems a ridiculous statement to make, but this happened today.  I had such a busy day with some client work and then watched a few teaching videos on editing a video.  It just slipped my mind that I had not uploaded this blog and video.  I had some narrative written about networking but have had to amend that to cover my forgetting my challenge.  I wrote the article on the correct day. The video had been created on the right day, albeit at 5.30 pm when I was at home.  Putting the two together didn’t happen until the next day.

I got the critical client work completed

I did all the billable work expected of me, and my clients are happy with the work sent to them.  Keeping my clients happy is an essential part of my job.  Making sure my clients are delighted.  The 31-day challenge is an example to everyone that writing your memoirs is not as difficult as people think.

Networking could be an excuse for forgetting my challenge.

I am a member of BNI; this is a networking group for businesses that meets every week.  The primary goal for BNI is that each member of the chapter helps other members get business.  In effect, the chapter members become our sales teams when talking to their clients.  The commitment for BNI is that you have to bring a contribution each week.  There are three types of contribution:

  • An offer of a referral to provide a quote for yourself or one of your clients
  • A testimonial for one member that you have worked with or for one of your clients
  • A testimonial for BNI and what they have helped you achieve

What is BNI?

BNI is an American organisation that is successful the world over.  Some chapters have over 200 members (in India).  In the UK, we have an average of about 25-40 people per chapter.  I think this is a good number, as the primary goal of networking is to create lasting relationships with people.  As the phrase goes, people by people and if you can recommend them all the better. 

During Covid, meetings are online, so we now have the opportunity to visit chapters worldwide.  I am not sure how many people have taken up this offer.  I have taken part in other chapters from the comfort of my office.

BNI is strict, and there is a set formula followed every week.  The same script read the same people deliver the leadership. Each week, every member gives a small presentation about their business (60 seconds, or 30 in larger chapters).  BNI is one of the most formal networking meetings you will ever attend, but it has a wealth of experience.  There are online business training courses and help and support.  If you are a small business, BNI is undoubtedly worth visiting.  BNI is not a 90-minute membership.  Most relationship building takes place outside of the meeting during the week.

To find out more about BNI click here

What I learnt about forgetting my challenge when writing my memoirs

  1. My time management is good unless I am learning a new skill
  2. Preparation for networking meetings also takes longer than you think
  3. BNI it not about one meeting of 90-minute every week, and it is up to the member to take advantage of the offer available to them.

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